Monday, December 31, 2012

Nature Study Goals for 2013

Well. This seems like a broad topic. We have learned so much as a family during 2012. It seems a little daunting to set down specific goals for 2013. There is so much to learn and so many options to study.
In random order, with no further ado is my list.

We added a new bird feeder to our back yard. It
is supposed to repel squirrels. So far, it is doing
a nice job of that. 

  1. We started a year long tree study in Autumn. We wish to complete the year. We did our Winter edition in December, so we only have 2 more seasons to go.
  2. My middle daughter wants to revisit birds. We have covered the subject twice. There is so much to learn about birds and we now have a feeder, so maybe we can participate in the Cornell University Great Backyard Bird Count in February 15 to 18, 2013
  3. In a post a few months back, my kids listed some things they would like to know more about.  We have started working on some of these things, but I guess we will revisit slugs and snails, leaves--especially how they change color and obtain food from sunlight, roots, roses, crystals, clover and pill bugs. 
  4. I have a personal goal of spending more time at some of our favorite hiking spots.
  5. Because the kids had such a great time at the horse field trip, I have plans to take them back to Wildoaks Arabians for some horseback riding lessons. We received money for this from my mother-in-law. I am so grateful for her.
  6. Barb offered a lesson on vines while we were taking a break from school. We missed it last year, so I would like to cover it this year.
  7. I would like to cover milkweed. I have finally figured out what it looks like. I bought some for my yard, so observation will be easy. 
I don't know. I am sure there is much more we could do. Each lesson has been a great blessing so far. I would be content to follow along with Barb's blog, but I don't know if she will continue it next year. Her youngest is graduating high school. If she doesn't continue the study, I will probably come up with 12 different nature subjects and cover one each month.


  1. Love the birdfeeder. My oldest is an avid birdwatcher. So great that your have nature-loving kids. We have participated in the backyard bird count. Great project. This year we'll be joining up with some local birdwatchers to participate in the Christmas Bird Count. Have fun!

    1. My whole family is really enjoying this birdfeeder. So far, it keeps the squirrels away and that makes me happy.

      I am glad to have nature loving kids, too. I hope we can learn about our backyard feeder birds from this project. Unfortunately, I only know the names of very few birds, even the feeder ones.

  2. I want to add another goal to my list. We have a stream that runs through our small town. I want to spend some time there and do the section in H of N S about Streams.